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Saturday, November 19, 2011

No strings attached

Boy: I like you
Girl: You don't even know me?
Boy: I don't care

The story of my life :)

South Africa

I have been sent to visit the South African offices for a month and yes it really is that dangerous over here.

Colleague 1: Dont use a mobile phone outside, you will get killed.

At a restaurant

Colleague 2: Last time I was here, 5 masked men came in. We had to hand over our jewellery, money and mobile phones.


Danger aside Richards Bay is stunning, the wildlife incredible. Though luck has it I bought the UK weather with me. All clouds and thunderstorms. The local people are friendly, I have learnt to say Dankie (Afrikanns) and Ngiyabonga (Zulu). Food is 5 parts meat to 1 part veg and I have an intense craving for Chinese food and soup.

Below the hotel

J in her PPE kit visiting the port. Nice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time to move

I cope with all my problems by moving to another country. First Australia then China. I think it is time to go now, nothing is keeping me in England. I need to see the world, I need to explore. I need to move.

Just feel so restless. I feel like im constantly searching for something. But what? A person? A new purpose? I dont know what it is, I just know I havent found it yet.

Lets hope i find it soon.