Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spice Girls

Went to the spice girls exhibition at Leeds City Musuem. Zomg bought back memories! I think everyone was a spice girl fan when they were younger, even punk rock J *ashamed* hahaha. Good timeeesss! I went twice, haha once with my cousin and the next time with my bro, sister and her friends. Fun times, could try on wigs and sequin dresses (check out my union jack dress. Hot stuff!!) The exhibition was basically one really dedicated fan's collection of spice girls stuff! No idea how she managed to get all their outfits and shoes. Crazy....

我上周末去了辣妹合唱团的展览会在利兹博物馆。好搞笑!我觉得每个人小的时候都是辣妹合唱团fans,连我是!! 我去了两次,第一次跟我表哥,第二次跟我弟弟,妹妹和她的朋友们。

My sister opening presents, she's so cute! The next photo is me and my bro!

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