Saturday, June 4, 2011

Polaroid sun 600 and Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL

My dad was cleaning out the garage and found some old school cameras, Polaroid sun 600 and Mamiya/Sekor! They look sooo cool. I have always been a fan of analogue photography just never had the medians (except my diana mini) or the inspiration to experiment with it. Cant wait to try out these bad boys! haha.

The Polaroid camera is just like how i remember it was. We use to get it out during special occasions and snap and shake away. Good times. Then it disappeared, probably got lost in the big move, i missed it. But the main problem is film! Good one polaroid for not producing them anymore ¬__¬ Thankfully, The Impossible Project are producing coloured and black/white film saving the good old polaroid camera. Costs are pretty steep tho, at about £20 for 8 photographs... wow. But, my Birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, hint hint hint!

The Mamiya/Sekor? Man, I have never seen this camera before! My dad said he bought it when he just moved to the UK so bought in the 70's/80's? wow. Love the feel of this camera, and all its buttons and dials, but really heavy. Dont know if it still works, need to buy some film!

And since i cant get real polaroids might as well do the next best thing; make your photos look like polaroids! I downloaded this Polardroid programme. Wow its so much fun! Just got to drag your photos and a polaroid comes out, also has 'authentic' sounds and you have wait for the photo to 'develop'. hahah. Above at some photos that i produced... :D Have a play with it! Or u could p/s them but im well lazy :P

J x

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